Farewell Hackney Hipsters

Libi Chris and Rasputin the cat are moving.  After almost 5 happy years in Hackney we’ve finally had to face the music and head south.  In January our landlady let us know that she would be asking us to leave our cosy beautiful flat in the basement of her home and I realised just how much I had come to view our (well I guess her) flat as home.

Since June we’ve been renting a damp slightly soulless flat.  The garden is a dark corridor between houses which is fine for Rasputin but not so good for the humans in the house.  From here we’ve been trying to work out what and where we might like to buy our first flat together.

We loved where we lived before for the fantastic Lido, the easy cycling, and the great atmosphere.  There is always something happening in Dalston.  We aren’t hipsters.  I’m not sure I’d ever want to be, even if I could but sadly I’m just never going to be trendy enough to be a hipster.  Even so I like being able to hang out with hipsters now and again if only to laugh at their silly hats.

Unfortunately we’ve been priced out of Hackney by my desire to have a stable home life not dependent on a landlords mortgage payments and my need for a garden (I pretend it’s for fuzface but if I’m honest it’s for me just as much as him)

Next month we will be moving to Brockley to a lovely basement flat in a listed building.  Yep!  we love our basements.    From what I’ve seen of it I know it’s damp and dark at the moment and the shared garden is overgrown but I want to make it warm, colourful and my home.  Just as important I want to start reducing my waste footprint.  I’ve been inspired by Bea Johnson at http://zerowastehome.blogspot.co.uk  I want to design my house and my lifestyle with zero waste in mind.  While Zero Waste Bea-style still feels like an impossible dream I’m going to use this move as a chance to start reducing my waste and moving in the right direction along the exponential curve of waste reduction.

This includes daily life but also DIY so where possible we hope to use second hand or salvaged items to make our home quirky, fun, beautiful, full of history and where possible waste free.

Roll on December


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