Spice Jar makeover

With only weeks to go before moving house there are important jobs to start thinking about.  Things that will make the move smother and less stressful.  I think we all know what I’m talking about.  Yes, that’s right, organising your spices into a vintage spice rack you can’t attach to the wall of your rented accommodation.

Picture of my finished spicerack

I was given the rack by my parents years ago when they found it clearing out boxes that hadn’t been opened since the 70’s.  It lived in my old flat and I never really got round to cleaning out the jars properly in a silly attempt to spare the funny chintzy 70’s labels but this meant that I was never able to properly use the jars.  Big waste of a lovely resource.

When I rediscovered the spice rack after selling my old flat I decided it was time to make that rack work for me.  I cleaned all the jars and dried them on the radiator.  Then I found images of vintage chemist labels and used these to make labels for my spice jars.  I even went and bought a lovely thick black pen to write on my labels.  No more would I be searching through nameless unidentified packets of powder every time I cooked.   I was so fired up I even labelled up my larger spice jars which don’t belong with the rack.

Cumin seeds in a lovely labelled jar

I was so happy with the rack I grinned pretty much all weekend and to my shame even invited a friendly neighbour over to view my handiwork.  Now I’ve got my spices organised I just know that the move will be effortless.  I’m right yes?


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