New House New rules.  I have decided that I am now an adult and as such I should start acting like one.  Apparently this involves making sure your wall decoration is properly displayed.

I used to treat my walls like a work of art in themselves.  Covering them with posters and postcards and random bits.  It took me hours and I would get quite emotional anytime I moved house and had to pull it down.  When Chris and I first met he even says that my walls were one of the things he first fell in love with about me.

As I’ve got older I’ve had less time to faff about with blue tac and have wished for something a little more permanent.  Our new house is so grand (even down in the basement where we are) so I’ve been on the look out for proper ornate frames – 2nd hand of course- to display some of the lovely bits of art we’ve collected over the years.   You know the ones,  all gold and twirly.

It’s been harder than I first expected since whenever we find a suitable frame it’s either too expensive – a man in Depford Market keeps asking me for 18 squids for a seriously damaged picture frame displayed on a pile of broken junk.  It doesn’t even have any glass!!!  Every week I ask him and every week he refuses to budge on the price.  I can’t honestly see anyone paying for it – Man!  I wouldn’t really be interested in paying cold hard cash for it except I’m happy to paint it and hopefully cover a lot of the damage.  But he’s keeping the dream alive.

When we do find a frame in our budget it’s invariably the wrong size.  We have a fantastic picture of a girl with boobs and flowers riding a bike that we picked up at All Tomorrows Parties (stay with me, it’s better than it sounds) but it’s a really odd shape.  I’m starting to think I will have to cave and get that one specially framed.  The thought of all the raw materials being used new makes me feel a bit sick especially when there are just so many discarded frames out there.  I know out there somewhere is the perfect shaped frame but how long before we come across it.

Weirdly we are actually struggling with a load of A4 prints that we have mostly from local artists.  I naively thought that A4 would be easy but even there –  no luck.

Happily on our junk yard picture frame rummages we have unearthed a couple of stunning frames which, while they haven’t solved our picture problem have led to a few homely additions.

First up ornate frame no one.  Not big enough for cycling busty lady (No honestly she is lovely) this frame was a gift from Chris for Christmas.  With a bit of plywood found in a skip, a quick lesson with the handheld jigsaw and a bit of blackboard paint I got myself a shiny new blackboard for the kitchen.


Next up another frame and mirror which was just slightly too small for cycle girl.  We considered trimming her to fit but since it would involve having to get some glass cut to fit – another waste of resources it actually made more sense to keep the mirror but with a bit of updating.  from the blue paint.


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