New Years Resolutions – Make Something Monday

I’m not usually one for making resolutions. I fail too easily and am old enough to know now that I’d just be setting myself up for disappointment. However, this year I decided to go the whole hog and make not one but 3 new years resolution. So far 2 are going strong while the 3rd has sadly fallen by the wayside. I resolved to…

  • Join the Brockley Sinfonia. They are aparently looking for string players and I really want to get back into playing but so far I’ve just chickened out. Hopefully there is still time. I’m telling myself this hasn’t failed until December comes around and I’m still not a member.
  • Take work less seriously.  Enjoy life and enjoy my job.  I started a new Job in January and so far they’ve made it easy for me to keep my resolution.  It’s a great department and a great place to work I just need to remember that even when the work starts to get more stressful
  • Lastly and most importantly I have decided that every Monday is “Make Something Monday”  (There was also talk of a “Fix it Friday” but that’s been pushed aside by the resolution above to become a more satisfying “Drink Something Friday”  Whoop Whoop)


The rules of Make something Monday – Or Make it Monday for short – are simple.  Either Chris or I will pick a project and make something.  We don’t have to finish it – in fact so far all the projects have been finished on another day – we just have to make time to get creative.  While one of us makes something/anything,  The other will cook and wash up (usually whoever doesn’t cook will wash up – but by breaking this rule it gives more time to our crafty partner)

So far Chris has made a coffee table from a Pallet.  I’ve made a blackboard and a scarf.  The table needs a bit more work but it’s usable.  The scarf has a few ends still to tie in but the blackboard is on the wall and looking great!  We even had a friend over to join in with Make it Monday and hopefully there will be several more Monday parties to come.  Each week I will try to upload a photo of my make just to keep me inspired.

Next Monday I have a giant Tshirt at the ready to turn into one of these dresses as designed by Mari Santos



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