What’s been going on

So I’ve not posted for a while and hilariously my last post was all full of my 3 whole New Years resolutions.  I did tell you I was crap at resolutions.  So before I get on to the fun stuff how did those resolutions go?  eeeerrrrrr.

Yeah, Well…  I’m not in the orchestra yet.  (I’m being really positive and keeping that ever hopeful yet on the end of that sentence).  moving on.

I’m still loving my job but I’m certainly not the cool disconnected lady of calm I dream of.  For some reason I just can’t leave on time and I never seem to get to the end of my to do list.  Someone let me into the secret pretty pretty pretty please.  That said I do have some of the loveliest patients you will never meet and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  I also get to play walking frame Jenga on the bus.

Less dignified then you could ever imagine.

So Make Something Monday.  Hows about that then.  Overall It’s going not so bad.  We’ve had to shift the day.  Monday’s are not for me.  I work late on a Monday (in lei of a 1/2 day on Thursday) and never get quite enough sleep at the weekend so Monday’s are more about flopping and eating.  “Flop on the sofa Monday” doesn’t have quite the same ring I’ll grant you that but true life can’t always scan.

So how has “make something on any day you feel the need” gone?  Well Chris has done amazeballs.

A key hook

An airer

An outdoor light

outdoor tap

*Plus* a drain for our washingmachine – no more unexpected floods.

I’ve managed… some chairs.

rescued from the street after a lick of pain

I feel a bit inadequate there.  Hmmm  Less time working more time making methinks




Wait a teeny bopping moment.  I just found these photos of things what I made

A rather lovely filing cabinet

A popping blue mirror

A popping blue mirror


Phew!  I feel a bit better.


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