kitchen moment

This is just a teeny tiny kitchen moment that made me smile this morning

I love cut flowers but rarely buy them mainly because it seems such a waste of land and resources not to mention money to buy flowers shipped across the world wrapped in plastic to display in your home as they wilt and die.

Wow! Haven’t I just sucked all the joy out of life. I sound like on if those hair shirt hippies who police everyone’s enjoyment in life. Luckily I’m not a total monster, only when I really want to be.  In fact one of my exceptions is that I love buying daffs in spring because they are such a simple british flower and they often get sold with no packaging except a reusable
rubber band. Its my way of banishing winter blues and looking forward to spring… as I watch them wilt and die on my kitchen table

This year we’ve been lucky enough to find that our garden has been offering up more packaging free delights for us to dress our house with. I must thank whoever planted such a lovely garden back in the mists of time before the brambles took over. Chris picked a gorgeous bunch of only slightly nibbled hyacinths for our easter table (nibbled by snails I assume -not by us!) And our camellia bush has been perfect for that finishing touch in our guest bedroom.

Garden Breakfast

Garden Breakfast

This morning Chris and I attempted to tame some delightfully over enthusiastic rose bushes in our front garden that are in danger of making the pavement in front of our house impassible. I took one of the offcuts to decorate our kitchen and love how the bloom complements (oo er get me getting down with all that designer lingo) the radio and tea cup atop our fridge.

Radio rose moment

Radio rose moment

The radio was my all time fav Xmas gift this year. Poor Chris mindful of my bann on all things new found this retro radio on eBay. What an eye the boy has fo ra pretty powder blue piece of retro. But even better he found a – now let me key this straight – a ” DAB to fm transmitter”. This fab bit of secondhand kit picks up DAB radio and then transmits the signal locally on fm. In short the transmitter means that every radio in our house can now pick up DAB radio. I think it was designed for use in cars but what Chris realised was that it was a perfect way to fight digital obsolescence.

As people upgrade to DAB they throw their old analogue radios away. What a waste! Not in our house. Now any radio however old and cute can pick up 6 music. More importantly the archers omnibus will never again ruin my Sunday because I can now easily change channels. Team that with a pretty teacup I forgot to put away and a freshly picked rose and it almost looks like our house is ready for an ideal homes shoot.

Ha ha ha ha. Yeah right. Thankfully the camera didn’t pick up the piles of mess just out of shot.


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