Tales of ice cream woe

Hey up! Who turned up the sun? It’s bloody gorgeous out there! And of course this is the week that I’ve been overwhelmed with dull, deskbased (no, desk based not debased you saucy thing!) Pointless admin.

Luckily, even though I’m chained at my desk til all hours missing all the sunny evenings I still have the luxury of an hour cycle at the end of the day. It doesn’t totally make up for unpaid pointless overtime but it helps. It’s hard to be grumpy at the end of a sunny chilled out cycle. Especially not if you bump into Mrs Ali Baba at the end of it.


Awful photo of mostly pavement!

Now I’m not a massive ice cream fan especially not after Maggie Thatcher managed to ruin the concept with her sloppy tasteless Mr Whippy. But honestly, who can be sad with a 99?

Well, my mate and Bridesmaid Eve can. She got a bit overexcited when a surprise ice-cream arrived at my wedding.


poor quality in the marque shot of van appearing

First in the queue to order anything she wanted she panicked and got the first thing make that the only thing she could think of, a 99. Unluckily for her I had unwittingly booked the best local icecream van in the world.  With a little more time for a considered glance at the menu my other bridesmaid Jen asked a what “double dipped” meant and was rewarded with 99 dipped in melted chocolate, flake and all. The next person in the queue obviously got a double dipped 99, as did the next, and the next and… well you can understand poor Eve’s distress.


Eve’s taunted by a double dipped 99

The only person eating a naked 99 does not a cheerful person make. A useful analogy for relative poverty and afluenza I feel.

Ah, but I have been distracted by tales of ice-cream woe.  My point is ice cream vans spread joy. Well, not for Eve obviously But the rest of us found it funny. Go on, admit it, you did too didn’t you?

Ice cream vans aren’t the most energy efficient but they aren’t as bad as driving individually to a shop – who would also have to run a wasteful freezer. And a 99 (dipped or not) is about as zero waste as a highly processed convenience snack can get. Eating your wafer packaging, how ace is that? Chris now has plans to invent edible wafer burger boxes! Obviously I see no flaws there.


If you take a bad photo don’t just use it once. Crop it and use it again!

If you are out and about in lewisham enjoying the sun and see her van I totally recommend stopping Mrs Ali Baba and purchasing one of her ices.

She is soo lovely. Has the drinkiest wee van out there. Gives massive portions and sells many many flavours. No manky Mr Whippy here. Her bright blue bubblegum flavour is horrifying but Teenagers and Chris love it. I may just be coming round to the cult of ice cream.


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