Sacdiyo Made My Pants!

Chris tells me that there is this thing that uber geeks do called unboxing where massive IT nerds film themselves (you’ve guessed it) unboxing their latest purcahse from company’s like Apple and obsess over the minute packaging details.  What weirdos I laughed. And yet you asked for a knicker review and so….


First up the box was sealed with paper tape. I’ve been intrigued by paper tape since I hate the amount of sellotape I get through especially when reusing envelopes and Jiffy bags that are a bit ragged.   I like the idea of paper tape but I’ve always worried that it wouldn’t actually hold up under the stress of a trip courtesy of Royal Mail.  How wrong could I be?  The package was so secure I couldn’t get into it and needed Chris to help me out with a pair of scissors.



Inside the wrapping looked lovely – I initially thought they had been gift wrapped but this is just the standard packaging.  Apart from the stickers the packaging is all compostable – or better still easily reusable.  Tissue paper and some paper info about the company and the team who make the garments.

But enough of packaging already.  Bring on the pants


Pink pants!

The photo’s aren’t great and they don’t bring out the proper shocking pinkness. This are proper pink pants.Pink pants made by…


Sacdiyo made my pants


So who is Sacdiyo?

Sacdiyo has seven children, is from Somalia and her favourite food is spaghetti. She is also a quiet wit and has a calm authoritative manner. With a keen eye for detail, Sacdiyo inspects every single cut piece of fabric before sending them into the machine room, and then inspects and trims all the finished pants too.”

Errr, Right that’s the unboxing done.  I’m not sure how these geeks manage to drag it out quite so long.  To be honest I just wanted to put down the camera and get the pants on.  So I did.

Strangely enough I didn’t much want to pop a photo of me wearing the pants online – it’s not that kind of blog don’tcha know?  Still I will say that I don’t think my bum has ever looked so good.  I’ve not had access to a full length mirror since we moved and this was the first time I’ve bothered to work out a way to glimpse my behind in a looking glass.  Either 6 months of cycling 100 miles each week has worked wonders on my derrière or the knickers did.  I guess it’s probably a bit of both but these pants are proper flattering.

They’re also comfy which is obviously far more important than anything else.  I didn’t quite make it out for a dance on my birthday but we did have a bit of a drunken Harry Belafonte boogie in the garden and the pants in no way impeded this.  The tiny dress and 4 inch heels – both 2nd hand of course – may have.  If you can’t go essex on your birthday then when can you?

So votes in for WMYP’s knickers.

1) top marks for the idea – I love knowing that Sacdiyo didn’t work unpaid overtime in a fire risk factory facing physical and verbal abuse just to make my knickers.

2) Brilliant packaging – papertape and tissue paper made it feel special without filling my house with rubbish destined for landfill

3) love the colour and the design – flattering pants will always win points with me

The only negative for me is the lace.  “What!?”  I hear you say. “Surely lacy knickers are what this is all about.!”  Well yes and no.  These are super special knickers and I do love them but I’ll be honest.  I’m a bit particular about wearing manmade fibres next to my bits.  I’m guessing I’m not alone in this.  Lacy pants are all well any good but wear them every day any you’ve got a recipe for unhappiness and I like nothing more than to keep my bits happy.

These are really well designed and I much prefer wearing shorts rather than briefs but I nearly always wear cotton shorts.  Like all good frilly pants these have a cotton gusset (yeugh!  I hate the word gusset)  and like all cotton gussets that I’ve come accros it tends to make it’s own decision about where it ends up.  Perhaps I’m wearing them wrong but I think I’m not alone.

I’m guessing that it makes more sense for WMYPs to sell lacy pants for the simple reason that they pay a living ethical wage and so their product is more expensive than we are used to.  It’s easier to sell an expensive luxury item than an expensive basic.  The thing is I would totes buy expensive cotton undies from WMYP’s and I would make them my daily knickers.

Overall I am definitely buying and wearing these guys knickers again.  Primark is no longer an acceptable option and I’m not going to kid myself that any other high street store are any better when it comes to ethical options.  However I will put in a special plea to the peeps at WMYP’s to try a cotton shortie line.  I love your knickers and I’d buy enough wear them every day… albeit by buying a collection over time rather slowly.

So in a nutshell. Fab knickers well worth the price tag. Perfect for special lacy days but personal plea to WMYPs – bring on the cotton everydays.


4 thoughts on “Sacdiyo Made My Pants!

  1. Thanks for that great review. I am so impressed about the packaging. Since seeing your first post about pants, I have been hunting for other ethical undies, and found which I can buy in Australia, and address the issue of cotton undies that you so rightly raised..
    I do your love your birthday knickers though, and impressive ‘unboxing’ – because packaging matters, but not for the reasons Apple thinks.. And the WMYP company sounds amazing. If only all clothes shopping experiences were so wonderfully positive.

    • Hey Jo,

      I hope the review was helpful. I definitely didn’t start writing this blog aiming to review products however ethical – I was actually aiming to promote NOT buying stuff. Still I’m glad I found these guys and since I wrote my original pants post I’ve started reading a lot more about the garment industry and I’m starting to think we should be buying a few things in order to support companies who don’t screw the world over. Sadly most people are going to want to keep buying new so it’s important to make sure that there are companies out there that can help them do this sustainably and supporting them above others when we do decide to buy things.

      That said my ultimate goal is to stop buying where ever possible. I must remember this and stop drooling over frilly knickers. Thanks for the link to pants to poverty. Looks like I’ve got both daily and celebration undies catered for.

  2. I am sorry – I know this is a serious subject but I couldn’t stop laughing at the way you wrote it.

    Ok – serious now. I do agree with you on the most part about not buying stuff. However, we do need the necessities of life and consumers help the economy. Especially when you buy from companies such as you have highlighted.

    Buying/spending for the sake of it is, at best, boring and at worst just obscene. I do try not to spend although I do have a wee blip now and then. I try to shop local and we are lucky in that we can support our local, independent traders almost all of the time. We also have a few charity shops who keep me supplied.

    I have only just found your blog and look forward to reading more of your experiences. Good luck.

    • Don’t apologise for giggling I’m just pleased if I make someone smile.

      I guess we all have to buy stuff sometime but it was a shock for me to find myself promoting a product so soon into this blogging malarky.

      Thank you so much for your comment I do hope I continue to make you laugh. (intentionally if possible)

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