Tramping it up at the BBC

A colleague unexpectedly gave me a couple of free tickets to see a recording of the news quiz this afternoon.

Although I tried to maintain the professional veneer I like to adopt at work (cue all my work mates laughing outrageously – this is the woman who entertained a whole office by hiding in a large box and popping out like a jack in the box repeatedly for at least 25mins) I was just a teeny tiny bit massively excited.

I cannot stress this enough.

I love Sandi Toksvig.

With a scary burning love that terrifies many people and bemuses my sister.

So right now I am sat on the floor of the BBC cafe – there being no spare chairs. If that wasn’t tramp like enough Chris bought a glass of wine for us to share… which appeared as a mini bottle and a plastic cup. Of course I made him refuse the cup so we are surrounded by middle-aged professionals sitting on seats while we sit on the floor and both swig wine from a mini bottle.



Oh, I also had my reflex hammer confiscated by security when trying to enter the building. What can I say. I belong in the west end.


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