Street found Cupboard

With all the fabby sunshine going on we’ve been right slack about all things flat related. No time for DIY, blogging or if I’m honest even much cleaning when there is so much picnicking, sunbathing and river splashing to be done.

However, with a few days of downpour we finally had a chance to finish a few projects that have frankly been cluttering up our lives.

First up a cupboard I found on the street. It was ugly and a bit sorry looking and sat atop a bin. What’s not to love about that?

Street found cupboard

It even came with someone else’s rubbish! Bargainacious.

Opened up to find more discarded stuff

Opened up to find more discarded stuff

I started well. Only days after I picked it up I got painting. Unfortunately me and paint aren’t the best of pals. I’m less scared of paint than I am of my glue gun (my glue gun freaking terrifies me – I still have a gluey knee patch on a favourite pair of £1 jeans)
I’m great at paint prepping. I wash, I dry, I sand, I clean and then it all falls apart. I never prime. Never. I’m just too overexcited to mess about with some dull grey primer. I want to get my chosen paint on now, as in, right NOW! and I’m always positive I’ll only need a coat or two.

If I’m honest it’s not a great recipe for happiness. In fact if you also find some random pots of paint abandoned in your flat from the previous owner and decide to use them it’s more a perfect way to precipitate misery. 4 million coats later having run out of one colour then found the next colour didn’t cover the first colour and then that the second colour looked mank and that the third colour needed 6 coats (well almost)  to cover the second colour I had a cupboard I quite liked.

I should have stopped there. I should have got that cupboard on the wall and started using it. In fact i tried. I cleared out our original bathroom cupboard and moved it to the spare bedroom… and then my energy ran out. All the endless coats of paint had broken me. So for he past 2 months the street cupboard has sat on our living room floor and we have had almost nothing in our bathroom. Only what will fit piled precariously on the edge of the sink or bath.

My great idea was to borrow a lulutastic trick of spray painting through lace to make a cool negative pattern bit I didn’t want to buy a new can of gold paint – Aerosol cans being so superwasteful. I was sure someone I knew had a half empty can sitting about unused and unloved… I just didn’t know who.  Last week my mum turned up trumps arriving to visit with a mountain of fruit (long story) and a can of gold paint.

I squeaked, gave her a hug and got spraying. Then I reflected and asked Chris what he thought. It turns out that he thought that he quite liked the cupboard pre gold-spray.


Then I asked myself what I thought. It turned out I thought that I also preferred the cupboard pre gold-spray.

Double shit.

I guess lulastic has the magic touch and i just have my mums gold spray paint. Sigh.

Still, being half way through gold spray I decided that I liked the cupboard fully sprayed rather than halfsprayed. And no way was I going to paint anymore coats on that cupboard just to cover the gold.

After all that I have now decided that since I can’t face any more painting or spraying or general faffing about the cupboard is perfect. Lacey gold and all.

With a lot of help from Chris it is on the wall and it’s staying there.

Street found cupboard

Even better. Two months enforced minimal bathroom has meant that I’ve managed to declutter a few more bits and bobs. The less I have the less I use and the less I feel I need to buy. Better still the less I have, the less i have to clean. Whoop whoop.

Slimmed down toiletries

Slimmed down toiletries

All in all I’m liking the street found cupboard even if Chris does occassionally ask when I’m planning to paint over the gold. Err, that will be never! I am categorically never painting anything ever again.


4 thoughts on “Street found Cupboard

  1. That is a completely hilarious tale of woe! I really detest doing craft projects of any kind, so it is such a relief to see a blog post where someone didn’t actually transform their home from drab to fab in about two minutes flat with a can of organic milk paint while trilling about how easy and fulfilling it was.
    I’m with you on painting. It really, really sucks. Having said that, I have painted just about every wall and ceiling in the house over the last twelve years, but I’ve hated every minute of it.
    Looking on the bright side though, you do have a bathroom cupboard now. That’s progress, right? And didn’t buy anything new? That’s brilliant!

    • too right. I am blissfully happy with my semi gold horror. It’s functional, cost me nothing (except tears of frustration), and saved a cupboard and couple of tester pots from landfill.

      I’m ambivalent about craft projects. I love thinking about doing them and I love finishing them (even in this case I do feel horrifically fulfilled – go on feel free to hate me 😉 I’m just so impatient I go slightly mental while actually doing things. In fact most things get stuck half done because I have such a teeny easily distracted bird brain. Yet again I’m happy my misery cheered you up. Well done for sticking with your painting hell – I’m impressed you kept going and didn’t pressgang your kids into it. Some of my earliest memories involve paintbrushes and wallpaper scrapers. I’m sure my Mum didn’t actually let me strip paint but I’ve got a fantastic false memory of wielding a heat gun and scraping toxic paint off Victorian doors aged about 6… at least I assume it’s a false memory but thinking about it, knowing my Mum… lol

  2. HAHAHAHAHA This, SO this!
    I have ruined several nice bits by insisting on using up old nasty paint, oops wrong colour, add a bit of acrylic, oops now it doesn’t dry, quick, slop a layer of varnish on it, oh shit, now it’s well and truly screwed. *shove in loft*

    I like this though… it’s… quirky. Paha.

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