Confessions of a Zero Wastrell. (Part 2)

Everybody’s good at cooking something and I’m good at cooking crumble,in fact I’ve got one in the oven, would you like some. Tra La la la la la.

Back in July when I was having the sort of week that would make Francis of Assisi kick babies (thanks Douglas Adams for that perfect  metaphor) Mrs Green over at green towers put up a call to arms, sorry an invitation, for all foodlovers. She sternly asked us to take control of our fridges. To eat the food we bought, as in all the food we bought, not just the yummy stuff that we remembered about.

In the midst of my super stress I silently, and lets face it smugly, thanked myself for not having to worry about this particular challenge. I take leftovers for lunch and bung all unidentified green objects found in the fridge into a catch-all libi special either a curry or tomatoey pasta sauce. What’s a floppy carrot or a slightly sad spinach leaf when its all mushed together anyhows? (shhhhh whatever you do, don’t tell Chris he actually eats my cooking poor boy)
Unfortunately on top of my monster work week. I found myself facing up to the fact that I wasn’t all that.

If I thought I was having a bad week it turned out that my fridge was having an appalling week. I found rotting salad, carrots too far gone even for a Libi special and, on defrosting the freezer, a wealth of brown bananas I’d been saving for cake turned to black mush and exited my kitchen via the compost caddy.
It was a garden produce massacre and I was presiding over it.

I’d missed Mrs Green’s food waste wednesday challenge boat by a seriously stinky mile but I was determined to improve next week. And then disaster struck. My parents came to visit bearing bag fulls of delicious fruit from a market they had visited on their hols.  Never one to miss out on a good thing my mum had bought Biblical proportions of delicious fruit and generously gifted them to me. On their departure I had more stawberries, cherries and pears than I could eat in a week.

Unfortunately they were so ripe I didn’t have a week to eat them. I had a day.  I considered freezing the glut but was still haunted by defrosting banana based tragedies. After a few Smoothies had failed to make a dent in the fruit mountain I decided enough was enough. It may have been the hottest day of the year but I was bringing out the big guns. The crumbly big guns.
Who knew if strawberries, cherry’s and pears went together. They were going to get along fine in my wintertime summer treat.
So with the temperature hitting 30 and higher I made a crumble. With custard and everything.


Creamy Bowl of Crumble

It was delicious.

And super easy.

And Chris loved it.

And thought I’d made it specially for him. Everyone’s a winner.
It was such a success that after taking the same pear into work everyday this week only to bring it back each day to sit in the fruit bowl next to its increasingly sad looking  mates I saw another opportunity for crumble based damage limitation.
Who cares that the temperature is again creeping upwards. Who cares that I rolled into work this morning still feeling full of buttery fruity crumble.  I didn’t throw away any perfectly edible pears. Oh and Chris thinks he owes me a crumble sized treat.

Footnote. I took a pear into work with lunch today and even managed to eat it… uncrumbled.

Slowly we make positve changes.


4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Zero Wastrell. (Part 2)

  1. Mmmm, mmm,mmm, that sounds delicious, what a fab mix of fruit. You could make summer pudding with that too, to round up any stale bread.
    Thanks for the insightful and humorous post and most of all for mentioning the zero waste week challenge,
    Would you mind sharing a direct link with your readers: It starts 2nd Sept, so just 9 days left to sign up and pledge.
    I’ve cleaned out my fridge today ready for the big event 😉

  2. I LOVE crumble, it is such a value dessert. I whiz mine up in the food processor, and I make heaps at once, and store it in a lunchbox in the freezer so I have an almost instant dessert option when needed. Sometimes I add grated ginger or tiny choc chips. Nom, nom.

    • You are so organised Jo! I would love to be sensible and make ahead but I can’t help myself. I always just cook the lot and eat it all. I am a pig!
      I love the additions tho. I’m such a crumble addict I’m not sure I could adulterate it with chocolate or ginger but now the idea is in my head…

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