Nice Box!

You know you live in a middle class area when a baseball hatted youth sat drinking in a pub garden shouts “I like your box!” at you as you walk past and he is actually referring to your crate.  No sleazy euphemisms in Brockley, oh no, It’s not Deptford you know  😉

Well I proper overachieved this bank holiday weekend and not just by getting admiring heckles from teenagers on the street.  Oh no!

I got round to filing everything in the filing cabinet that I decorated back in April and which has stood empty ever since.  (the shame)


Floral Files

I reorganised the utility room.  It has recently been renamed the futility room and I decided enough was enough.

If that wasn’t rock and roll enough I won a fiver at my family Bar-B-Que game of Bingo.  Nothing more rock and roll than family Bingo.

Aaaaand  I caught my Auntie Irene out in the family rounders and helped win the game.   Double whoop to me.  I admit I had to drop my beer to do so but who cares. Cue my Dad saying “Phew!  you actually caught the ball?!  But you can’t catch. ”  Well Actually Dad, I think the evidence says otherwise.

In the midst of all that I managed to buy a fireplace surround on ebay – drunken bidding I have to confess but inspired bidding If I do say so.  Even better, while picking it up we walked past a yard sale.  Gotta love a yard sale.   At first glance I didn’t see anything interesting just a load of records and books.   Suddenly I noticed one of the boxes Id assumed was cardboard was actually far more interesting.


Deposit 6d

An old Schweppes crate which made me imagine the Swallows and Amazons bought their grog in it.  I bought it without thinking and was cheerfully heading home when I got my drunken box compliment from baseball cap boy.

For once we didn’t hang about and it’s already up on the wall in our kitchen with a pair of brackets I bought months ago for shelves that never got built.  It’s a perfect place for storing refillable bottles of wine and olive oil.  If only I could get off my bum and go fill them.


Anyone for Lemonade


2 thoughts on “Nice Box!

  1. I LOVE your box! And your brackets! And your bottles! Tres chic.
    Has this blog backfired if it leaves me materialistically envious?!!

    • Errrr. Not if makes me feel better about the amount of my life I waste on eBay sourcing brackets. This is all about making me feel better no?
      Hmmm I would say that if it encourages you to buy second hand or repurpose something that others might consider rubbish then that can only ne good. Howecer, last week my work colleague got a leaving present packaged in a stunning vintage suitcase. I was super envious until she told me that the “vintage” suitcase was actually new from a posh London chainstore. My rose tinted suitcase love died inatantly.
      So providing I don’t encourage you to go buy new replicas of old stuff then I feel totally fine about lighting evil consumer fires on your belly 😉

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