Less Stuff More Memories

So I’ve not written much about presents lately … or anniversaries or anything fun like that so I thought I’d best do a double anniversary present post. Its only fair.

What’s that you say? Anniversaries and presents are just about all I seem to write about these days?! Oh dear. But they are so much fun I just can’t help myself.

So I promise this will be the last time I even mention the A word. At least until next week.

In my last post I wittered on about how presents have changed a bit since we started giving less of a banana about stuff and noticing all the packaging that came with stuff.

Finding alternatives to buying new things is one strategy which works on some levels but as Chris and I get less fixated on stuff then we’ve found ourselves buying less presents full stop. Not just buying secondhand things or food but actually buying… nothing.

There is something sobering about selling your entire CD collection on music magpie for 100 quid knowing that over the years its probably cost you, or whoever bought it, thousands. If nothing else it makes you slightly nervous about buying any more CDs as gifts.

For our anniversary neither of us really got each other a present. I’d love to say this was because we were being all waste aware, which we were… a little, but mainly it was because we were both too lazy and feckless.

I did buy some honey, with some honeycomb inside from a little shop on the way home from work. But then we kinda needed some honey so I’m not sure it technically counts as an actual gift rather than, er, you know, groceries.

Still, because we had wasted zero pounds on gifts we suddenly realised that we had way more to spend on having actual proper fun. For one night we forgot our tight assed budgets and took each other for cocktails, a river walk, a proper posh meal, more cocktails and then, my favorite bit, a night time cup of tea on a blanket in the garden.


Who opens their eyes for photos anyway?

Night time garden sitting is so much more romantic with an alcoholic cocktail jacket to warm the cockles of your heart. However be warned, to many tasty cocktails can ruin the ambience with an increase in toilet break frequency. Not forgetting the ever present danger of falling asleep and dribbling into your tea. Its a hard balance to perfect but magic when you do.

The whole evening was fab and would have been far more restrained and dull if we had already shelled out for gifts.

I’m definitely starting to get behind the idea that memories are worth far more than stuff especially if the memories involve lots of cocktails.


2 thoughts on “Less Stuff More Memories

  1. I like it! Less stuff = tidier house, which also makes me very happy. But isn’t there something inherently contradictory about memories involving cocktails? Usually those memories are really pretty sketchy…

    • Errrr, very good point. Its important to maintain a memory versus cocktail balance. I find being skint helps with this but you’re right. I think I need to go back and review the logistics.
      Totally agree with the less stuff =tidier house therefore less time cleaning/tidying and more time for fun friends and family. Bonus

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