Hello Autumn

This has not been a great week to be a community health worker on two wheels. A nurse in Brighton had her bike nicked while she made a home visit – something which is always a bit pants whatever your job is.

Back in London the end of summer has come with a splash and I’ve found myself bursting into clients homes bringing what feels like rivers of manky London rainwater with me.

Thankfully they usually get a giggle out of the vision of me dripping and bedraggled peeling off wet clothes on their doormat.

One client asked me with a dead straight face and evil gleeful glint in her eye Oh, is it a bit drizzely or somehing out there?- only you lot keep coming in whingeing about a bit of rain and dripping all over my floors. This said as we watched sheets of rain obscuring the view from her bedroom window.

Her straight face lasted right up until the point where I confessed that I’d been caught out by the downpour and was soaked right down to my underwear.  I’m not sure I feel its entirely appropriate being treated by a health profesional in wet knickers she cackled at me.
I was happy to point put that thanks to my amazing waterproof over-trousers my pants were suitably dry and it was only my soggy bra that was the problem.

As of this week my overtrousers are my all time top 2nd hand purchase ever. They are without doubt the least stylish item of clothing I own and the elastic cuts me up at the waist but I love love love them. Bought for a fiver on eBay back in January they fold up to nothing, and have apparently  magical waterproof properties.

Looking at the upcoming weather forecast its probable that my love for those trouser can only grow.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. As I left my client, still chuckling at my damp underwear, the sun broke through the rain clouds and I realised that its officially impossible to be grumpy while cycling through a park with autumn sunlight glittering off rain drenched trees. Its the sort of moment you miss when driving in a car or waiting at a soggy bus stop. Even better, after cycling seven miles home I’d warmed up nicely and the breeze had even dried out my rain soaked bra.

Oh, and the thieves even returned that Brighton nurse’s bike. Perhaps 2 wheeled health workers have it better than you initially think. 


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