Fridge called Paula

I got an unusual text this week

Hi, your vintage fridge here, hope everything is going according to a plan, will be expecting you tonight. Paula.

Wow! I can honestly say I’ve never had a text from a fridge before. Actually I don’t think I’ve ever had any communication from a kitchen appliance before. You obviously get a better class of appliance when shopping on eBay.

One of the coolest things about buying second hand bits and bobs us the interesting people you meet. Such as people who send text messages on behalf of kitchen appliances for example. And if there is one thing I’ve learnt in life its that people who text on behalf of fridges are my kind of people.

But look at the fridge! If any fridge could talk this one should.


Ebay fridge from the 50s

Its about 60 years old and still soldiering on. This is the photo from the eBay auction where it was advertised as a party fridge.

Party Fridge!

Brilliant! I felt a bit too ashamed to admit that i’ll mostly be storing milk and food in Paula the fridge rather than stocking her up for a party.

When we rocked up in our zip van we were met by Paula (yes, she totally had the same name as the fridge! What are the chances) her cute wee son and her partner who were selling their beautiful fridge due to a relocation to Prague.

Paula and her partner suited their fridge so well I almost feel bad taking it from them. Having turned up in my semi professional work wear I felt very drab next to their eyecatching style. Paula’s partner had the most amazing tattoos and the sort of strongman moustache which would make even the most hardcore facial hair skeptic weak at the knees.

Luckily he not only sported a strongman tashe, he also actually was a very kind and generous strongman and helped Chris lug the gorgeous but ultimately lead-like fridge down a flight of super steep internal and external stairs. All that hard work to help us and we never even caught his name.

Poor Paula’s son was pretty bummed to see the fridge go. Its hard selling your life and moving on when you’re under 10 but I’ve got a feeling he’ll be ok with Paula and her man looking out for him. He and his mum waited patiently in the cold to wave us off with our precious cargo and say a proper goodbye to Paula the fridge.

We are now determined to suit the fridge and look after it just as well as its super cool previous owners. I’d love to say Paula the fridge is settled and happy in our kitchen but sadly our kitchen looks like this.


Kitchen carnage

A whole other story … but lets just say chris is having fun with a hammer drill this weekend.

Even so the fridge looks pretty happy sat in the sitting room with all our relocated kitchen items. 


Kitchen relocation

Hopefully Paula the fridge will settle in just as well with us Although I may have to convince Chris to grow a fab tasch just to make the fridge feel more at home… and obviously make me weak at the knees. 😉


2 thoughts on “Fridge called Paula

  1. What a fab fridge! How wonderful that appliances were once manufactured to last more than 60 years! A couple of years ago I made The Man bring back a Dualit toaster from one of his business trips to the UK. It was quite expensive, but then I plan never to have to buy another toaster in my lifetime…
    Sympathies on the renovation front. I shudder on your behalf, as I remember one long winter with the six of us living in two rooms.. the middle class slum experience! My architect lecturer next-door neighbours recently spent six weeks with their only running water not flushing the toilet being the garden tap.. makes me so grateful that this is not our everyday experience.

    • Oh Jo. Please don’t feel bad for me. I am super lucky. Chris thoughtfully moved the kitchen sink into the futility room so at least we do have a sink – even if it is a bit of a walk from the kitchen. And I can’t complain. He is carefully plumbing in and fitting all the random clutter I gleefully buy on eBay because they are pretty without stopping to think logistics.

      I’m totally loving the fridge although I do wonder how energy inefficient it might be. Hmmm I guess it’s one of those complicated eco equations that make my brain hurt. Less manufacture waste but more lifetime energy waste… I fear it might be better to get a newer fridge. But it’s sooooo pretty. Hoping it’s smallness is it’s redeeming feature

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