Totally inspired by Betsy’s guest poster Auntie Mary over at A year without supermarkets we are making pizza (almost) from scratch today.

Unlike Auntie Mary we are using our trusty breadmaker to make the dough.  I feel a bit mixed about our breadmaker.  It does feel a bit soulless and I know lots of people would sneer at me with my rectangular bread however knowing that I often get home at 7pm or later and have a 6:30am alarm call I have to accept that things like making bread just aren’t going to happen for me at this point in my life.  lol.  What a hard life I lead. 

I am totally in awe of anyone who makes bread from scratch.   But we use the breadmaker every other night or so and it saves us from bland supermarket mank bread.

So despite our kitchen still looking like this


We decided to do it.  I chucked the ingredients in the breadmaker and chris got cracking on a tomato sauce.  While the breadmaker whirred away I could get on with all the tidying washing and general faffing that seems to take over weeknights.  


Then we chucked everything we found in the fridge at the dough (plus some kale I found still lurking in the veg patch).



It’s in the oven now and I’m off to watch the bake-off to watch people making bread from scratch while eating my semiconvenient pizza.


Thanks Team Pugh 


6 thoughts on “Semi-convenient

  1. I’m with you all the way on the breadmaker! Use mine all the time. I feel totally justified since I read in the Self Sufficientish Bible that it’s a green option – imagine, shock, horror, heating up the whole oven to bake a loaf of bread! (I know, I know people who bake from scratch probably load it up with cakes and stuff at the same time, but still…) And we love using ours for pizza dough too.

    • So inspired. Thank you! It was super tasty. I was actually quite shocked – perhaps because I slightly overdid the sugar in the dough (but probably nothing like the stuff they chuck into takeaway pizza dough) – but I never imagined it would taste so much better than a supermarket pizza. A mix of leftover stilton, olives, and veggie sausages plus all our random veggies probably also helped. 😉

    • Phew! Thanks for that bit of info – I will feel less embarrassed of my super useful second hand appliance and rectangular slices. 🙂 I should send massive thanks to my Mum-in-law for gifting us her old breadmaker.

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