Sell it all, All of it!

I am ridiculously, hysterically, pantwettingly overexcited about this


The one and only myatt table top sale

The one and only myatt table top sale


Back in April I was so excited about going to the Myatt Garden school sale that I turned up 23 hours early with the sort of hangover that makes death look like the fun option.  When the sale actually started the next day (I did go home to eat, sleep and wash rather than standing outside the school looking suspicious)  I found the much sort after fridge magnets for my “too ugly to love – to useful to get rid of” mirror.  


Basically I love second hand sales and I love second hand sales next door to my house even more!

If that wasn’t exciting enough this year I’ve got a table to sell my stuff.   Basically, as a reformed shopaholic, selling/giving away my possessions is my replacement crack cocaine.  Smokers get into sweeties, heroin users get methadone, alcoholics get religion and I have eBay.  I love it. 

Last year I managed to sell , donate or gift a mountain of my treasured possessions and it felt amazing.  Not scary, not sad. Freaking awesome.  From eBay, Gumtree, Amazon, Freecycle, charity shops and even a bizarre yard sale I had the most fun of my life.  We moved house twice and it was total hell but I have nightmares every time I think about how bad it could have been if I hadn’t cleared out so much crap.  Even after we moved I used to get a kick out of filling a bag of stuff I thought I couldn’t part with and carrying it to the charity shop.  Since we moved in almost a year ago I’ve slowly been slipping back into my old style hoarding behaviour.  I may not be buying anything new but I’m still buying stuff second hand or picking it up on the street and this is the chance for me to get my giveaway groove back.

Selling your possessions is amazing for so many reasons

1)      Anything you have in a cupboard not using is something that someone somewhere else needs.  If they can’t find it second hand then they will go buy it new.  Buy clearing out your over-stuffed cupboards you make your unused stuff available to people who will use them and save one more unnecessary item being bought new.

2)      The less you have the less you have to clean.  This is a biggie! Unlike the inspiring Jo over at “All the Blue Day” I am more domestic sluttery than domestic goddess.  I love having a neat clean house.  I just don’t seem to be able to achieve it.  I’ve found that the more stuff I get rid of the better my living space looks and the easier it is to maintain.  The amount of time I used to spend sorting and storing was depressing.  Now I spend a fraction of that time cleaning and the rest of my time down the pub (or something like that)  My house is still not sparkling – it’s best to admit that’s never going to happen.  But it’s now so much easier to clean that cleaning actually tends to happen which it rarely did before.

3)      The less stuff you have the easier it is to find and make use of the stuff you have.  It’s weird but the less I actually have the more I feel I have.  I can actually get to, find and use the stuff I need because It’s not hidden behind a load of crap.

4)      Unlike when you buy things and get poorer, when you sell stuff you get richer.  Admittedly often just 50p richer but who cares.  For a while I kept a spreadsheet of everything I sold and I hit over £400 in 6 months.  It was sooooooo exciting – no really it was.  Especially as a student I was perpetually broke and reliant on screening moody teenagers for chlamydia to get cash.  Honest it’s a real job – Everyone test yourself yah…

5)      Everything you sell makes space to buy more stuff at a 2nd hand sale with the money you just made.  Whoop!  Bit of a contradiction to all the other items in this list but it’s a valid point.


So this week I am running round the house picking things  up to put on the sale pile.  I’m super excited

The red kettle is going because we now have a vintage blue  kettle and no-one needs 2 kettles however pretty.


70s cups, gone! – they are fab but we are living the 50s dream in Brockley and we just don’t have the space for 70’s chic.

Ice Lolly moulds are dead to me now since Paula our fridge doesn’t have a freezer compartment and if I’m honest I don’t have a 5 year old child in the house who would enjoy daily lollies made from fruit juice.  (and before you ask the gin and tonic lollies just didn’t work for me, sigh)

Not to mention, a popup tent, silver plated plate, tinsel, folders, jewelery, dresses I never wear and books I’ve read and a few I haven’t.

I’ve promised Chris that anything I don’t sell will go straight to the charity shop but what am I saying???!  I am totally going to sell it all.  All of it!  What are you waiting for?  Get yourself to the Myatt Garden Table Top sale and come and buy all my stuff.   Go now, they are totally fine with people turning up days early and standing on the doorstep looking forlorn.  honest.  Especially if you look like you had far too much fun the night before.




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