Changes afoot in Brockley

Cooking up a storm in Brockley

Cooking up a storm in Brockley

So it’s been a while since I wrote anything over here and I left the blog on a bit of a cliff-hanger.  Kitchen in disarray, blind half finished,  Christmas puddings to be eaten.  phew! The tension must have been unbearable!  Well I hope that the eagle eyed among you might have guessed a suitable reason for my blogbased laziness over the past 4 months.

(The really eagle eyed among you may have picked up that the kitchen is looking fairly functional, as is the blind and the furry monster keeping an eye on my culinary efforts isn’t our adored Rasputin. It seems a lot can change in a few months and not just my kitchen!)


Classic hand on back pregnant lady pose

So just in case anyone is still confused and wondering if I spent the past few months eating chips (I did if I’m honest – but only to prevent 24 hour nausea turning into 24 hour vomiting … honest) I am ridiculously excited about growing a wee human shaped lumpy, jumpy, blurry (if the ultrasound is anything to go by) creature in my big belly.

Unfortunately I really wasn’t prepared for how much growing a little life inside your tum can really put a dampner on your life and I’m not talking about going alcohol free.  I’ve pretty much become a hermit over the past 4 months getting home from work and crawling straight into bed sometimes not even managing to get out again for meals but instead being lucky enough to have an understanding Chris bring me food – usually with an increasing potato bias.  I am so not proud! (although I am proud of Chris!)

I’m finally getting back into the swing of things – speaking to friends, eating food that isn’t chips… at a proper table! cooking food that isn’t toast.  You know the usual things that most people manage with alarming efficiency.  You non chip eating people are amazing!  respect!  And today I’ve even managed to post.

I confess that I really can’t write much more – bed calls but just to answer a few of the questions in the photo,

The kitchen is usable – having been refurbed with almost entirely second hand items. – I promise to properly post pics when I have enough energy to make the place look respectable.

The blind is beautiful and again is just waiting for photo-op energy

Lastly and most importantly our beloved Raz passed away last October.  At the time I couldn’t even consider writing a blog post about it.  He was so much part of our lives – even appearing in the strapline to this blog and I didn’t think I could write anything to do him justice.


The total Bestest cat in the world

 We had all but decided not to get another cat ever again but life isn’t really like that is it?  Our friend Nikki was fostering a rescue cat and her kittens and was freaking out that the last kitten and Mum hadn’t been adopted yet meaning she would be stuck with them over Christmas when she had planned to travel to family.  We offered to look after them for her just for xmas and immediately realised that we could never give them back again.



I mean would you give this little guy back?


6 thoughts on “Changes afoot in Brockley

  1. Wow, Libi, that is so exciting! Congratulations on new baby and cats! You look absolutely gorgeous, of course, even on a diet of chips!
    I love your little kitchen, but can’t help feeling that the same profile photo in a few months isn’t going to leave much room for a cat to be perched behind you!

    • Oh god Jo! Don’t depress me. I already feel huge. Poor mum cat is struggling to shift her kitten belly and it’s like staring at my future every time we cuddle. hee hee. Still, I can’t complain – it’s all for a good cause. A baby isn’t going to be commenting on the size of my hips … at least not for at least 13 years or so.

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