Spring daffs


Whoop! Wasn’t it sunny this weekend? I confess I’m actually a little bit happy that the weather has turned a bit pants now that Monday is here. No one wants to be stuck in a hospital or office when exciting spring sunshine is glowing outside.
We spent much of the weekend sorting out the chaos of our garden. A chance conversation with a random man pruning roses in his front garden on friday inspired me to attack the monsters in our garden. Armed with his detailed instructions – this man really knew about roses and dearly wanted to share his love with any random passer by (no matter how late they might be for their next patient!)- I felt very grown up locating living outward buds and making neat slanting cuts away from the eye.
It would have been super twee apart from three small points.

1) my new obsession with packaging-free money-free organic rose fertilizer. Errr, that would diluted human urine. For some reason Chris was kinda resistant to peeing in my watering can! Rude!

2) The awe inspiring beast like roses in our front garden. These monsters are huge! Like 2 or 3 meters high with stems thicker than my thumbs and thorns like mini daggers. My new pruning knowlege shrank in their prickly stabby shadow. I made an attempt but barely made a dent and now have hands so scratched that hospital alcogel hand Sanitizer is my new nemisis.

3)The slightly disturbing discovery of a dented meat cleaver hidden in the undergrowth of our front garden. Now I’m sure there is a perfectly innocent explaination… I’m yet to actually solidify that explaination but I’m sure it exists.

Ahhhh, but don’t dwell on such mucky subjects as bloodied hands, secret meat cleavers and wiffy fertilizer,

Look at the daffs what I picked for fresh in my wild garden.



2 thoughts on “Spring daffs

  1. Libi, love your dedication to zero-waste! Failing male co-operation, you could just throw your banana peels under the rose bushes instead. Roses LOVE banana peels. Potassium. Green leaves and luscious flowers 🙂

    • Ha Ha,

      I will confess that the roses got fertilized somehow. To spare anyone in the household’s blushes I shall draw a veil over the who and how. Thanks for the banana skin tip. I have been swiping colleagues banana skins to take home in my lunch box following your suggestion. Do you need to bury them or just lay them over the ground round the bush??!

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