Next stop Crapham Junction

“Don’t worry hun” a comforting mate texted me a few days ago as I whinged about indigestion, lingering nausea and the mounting horror at my ever expanding waistline, “the worst is yet to come”
This was immediately followed up with the succinct text

“Crapham junction”


It later transpired that the second text wasn’t in fact a prophetic vision of my future cleverly combining the two (percieved) disasters of my recent life – moving south of the river and signing myself up for several years of nappy changing. (The sender was a confirmed north London bachelor) but was actually a misdirected text sent to me instead of the helpful family member trying to relocate him. Lost and bewildered south of the river he was apparently stranded in Europe’s busiest station.

In fairness I’d prefer to be facing years of nappies than getting stuck at Clapham Junction any day. But hey.

Nappies have been on my mind a bit lately, no prizes for guessing why. In fact it was an initial eBay search for used cloth nappies that started my recent bout of consumer flu.

Did you have any idea there were so many types? And that they could be so cute!?! Now I’m sure they are decidedly less cute when they are filled with pee and poo but even so, some of these things have got owls on! Owls ffs, who can’t love that? And don’t even get me started on the ones called little lambs. I love lambs I do! And they’re all white and fluffy! Just like lambs!



It’s probably worth pointing out that Chris grew up farming sheep and tends not to focus on the fluffiness of sheep’s wool having slightly less romantic memories of herding poo splattered sheep. But hey, he’s not pumped up on pregnancy hormones and so able to be far more rational about these things.

After the initial wave of desire, bidding on anything remotely cute and luckily losing auctions all over the place I moved on to being bewildered and slightly overwhelmed.
It turns out there are quite a few different types of nappy. Prefold, Terry’s, shaped, all in ones, one-size, not one-size. They all seem to have different things going for them and it seems that you can’t really know which is best for you until you try them out on a real life Bubba, preferably your own. Hmmm.

Not wanting to find myself at Crapham Junction in 4 months time without at least a few cloth nappies to stand between me and the lure of handy plastic disposables I decided I needed to gather a small selection to trial and then make an informed decision based on actual battlefield experience rather than, you know, anthropomorphic patterned owls.

Unfortunately the only thing all these nappies had in common was that they all cost… a lot… even second hand. Especially since I had no idea what would suit Chris and I and our wee one or even if we would manage the whole cloth nappy dream at all.

Just before I got settled back into my hormonal induced secondhand spending spree I luckily stumbled upon the total best site in the whole wide internet.Er, this might only be your opinion if you are an expectant mother about to blow your household budget on cute nappies that give your babe a zebra print arse but I stand by my statement.


Zebra, cow, any fluffy animal will work on pregnancy hormones

The Greenwich cloth nappy library loan parents a selection pack of different types of reusable nappies absolutely free for 2 weeks giving you the opportunity to trail a variety of nappies before splashing out on ones that may never suit your and may end up unused and wasted at the bottom of a drawer. They can also arrange long term loans for a small fee if you find a type that suits.

This is great on so many levels. It helps protect parents from the overwhelming initial investment that cloth nappies often require despite offering cost benefits in the long term.

It stops people buying new items that may never get used and helps avoid all those wasted resources.

Even in my second hand consumer fever I’m very aware that buying 2nd hand is rarely as good as borrowing and returning since libraries can keep useable items in circulation more efficiently than selling or swapping does. Not to mention borrowing is much cheaper than buying new.

Basically, overnight I became the Greenwich cloth nappy librarie’s no.1 fan. Despite having changed a grand total of 3 nappies in my entire life. I can relax and drink tea thankfully able to step away from my online shopping habit.


Don't shop, drink tea.

Now I just need a baby to practise on oh, and fingers crossed they’ve got one of those owl nappies to borrow.


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