What you can do outside a shop.

So in the midst of my crazy consumer fever my fab and inspirational sister sent me a link to this article about a mother who made a decision to turn her back on the all consuming baby/child consumer culture.

“Made me think of you” my sister wrote proudly. Posting it on my facebook for all my mates to see and causing me to blush all over –  quite an acheivement when you consider just how much more flesh I have to go red these days!

My big sis often groans at my obsession with reducing waste and sourcing second hand or packaged free but she also has big sisterly kind of pride in me coupled with quiet faith that I’m of course excelling at my chosen path and have a rubbish bin smaller than Bea Johnson … Despite all evidence to the contrary.

So when she posted on my wall comparing me to a woman who hasn’t bought anything, new or otherwise, for a whole year in front of mates who were painfully aware that all I’d been doing for the past month was buying things (mainly because all I talked about was buying things) I felt a little bit of a fraud. Just a little bit.

It led to chris and I emptying out the box of shame and photographing the evidence.


Box of shame

Oh dear.

So after getting stuck in to harriets blog I decided to take a bit of control back from my hormones.

The box of shame is still filling up but lately there have been far more hand-me-downs than charity shop purchases which makes me feel like I’m regaining my balance. And we even get to dress up in the gifts our mates give us.


Jeff showing us how to wear 70s vintage chic

So, while I do have to own up to this little hoard collected for a fiver during a rainy afternoon spent sheltering in charity shops while on holiday last week


How did these end up in my bag

I’m also able to point out that this was only after an 8 mile walk


Stile style

A river swim


Proper freezing

And a serious amount of time sheltering in cafes drinking chocolate and eating scones earlier that day.

In fact, over the whole week, was pretty much the only shopping I did. Which left far more time for other activities such as;

being battered by storms on the beach


Eating cake


Cram it all in at once

Exploring caves


Creepy cave

Baking scones


Walking for miles and miles and miles and miles… phew!


And of course exploring cornish pubs.


Alfresco beer

Its amazing how much time there is for fun when you aren’t obsessed by shopping.


2 thoughts on “What you can do outside a shop.

  1. Good for you! You look gorgeous and so happy! I do love Harriet’s blog, one of my favourites. That nesting instinct though, is so strong. It’s biology! But the mad thing about babies – they grow out of everything so fast that I can’t imagine how there is still an actual market for new baby items… so babies on a tiny budget are so easy. Mine all lived in hand-me-downs and sat in cardboard boxes propped up with pillows, because I am ALL CLASS 🙂

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