Making the most of Easter sunshine

So this afternoon Chris built a raised bed from discarded pallets and a “to let” sign that a lazy estate agent left in our garden for actual ever.


Garden workshop

I filled it up and dug it over – disturbing an ants nest in the process.


And our neighbours had a reggae barbeque.


Super clever handy husband

I think we all know who had the most fun this afternoon. That said, the jury is still out on who is going to get the best night’s sleep. I guess it all depends how late they party and if I ever manage to get these pesky ants out of my knickers.

Its true that we should have done this months ago
That we should already have seedlings ready to transplant into it
That its still only half full of earth
that needs a lot more compost and more digging over. (I’m itching just considering this
That it’s slightly wonky and built under a tree but


stop being picky. It is our first ever raised bed and we think it’s perfect. The only issue is the cats probably agree. I bet they think its a perfect toilet.


Cultured art-admiring cats still love a luxury loo


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