And We’re Back

So it turns out pregnancy and caring for a newborn sort of get in the way of all that blogging. Who would have imagined?!?

Still, I’m back online now and have a ridiculous number of blog posts all ready to be written but annoyingly still trapped inside my head. But enough of those until another day. The news I know you all want to hear…

did I ever get the shower of my dreams or am I still clambering in and out of our lovely secondhand bath?…

What? That wasn’t what you wanted to know? There’s another thing bugging you? Ahh I’ll stop messing.

So on obscenely excited to tell you that I’m currently writing this one handed snuggling with my 2 month old son Arlo Xavier.


That’s him when he first arrived (no, he didn’t get delivered in the frame don’t be silly now.) He’s a bit bigger now

pretty in pink

pretty in pink

Yes my boy is wearing pink. Not only because I hate gender rules ruling baby clothes but also cause I found that babygro for £1! One quid! In our local charity shop and its super smashing gorgeous. There was no way I could not buy it.

Our lovely relaxed homebirth didn’t quite happen – after 28 hours at home hanging out in the birth pool and marching up and down our hallway we had to transfer to hospital which was all very exciting and a lot sad.

I’m glad we started at home – it was a beautiful way to start out and I think my experience shows just how safe a homebirth with a qualified midwife is even when your baby doesn’t play ball. Mr had a hand up to his head during the birth which slowed progress up apparently.

Since Arlo joined us we’ve got our heads and his bum around cloth nappies, battled sore breasts – and won, stayed up all night and slept all night (once) and eaten a huge amount of cake. However there’s still been time for a bit of skip diving and of course crumble. Still, that’s all for another day. For now, my milk monster and I are going to cuddle up and work on transferring chub from my hips to his cheeks.

Oh, and just in case you wondered I did get the shower of my dreams even if Chris and I found ourselves tiling late into the night when I was 40 weeks pregnant. Luckily my son takes after his mama and arrived fashionably late although there is obviously still some serious tiling to be done.

New old shower plumbed in by Chris

New old shower plumbed in by Chris

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