Family Tree

Babies, they’re a lot like trains.

Well for my sister they were more like busses – she waited for ages for one and then 2 came along at once! But anyway that’s beside the point.

In my experience – of a grand total of one baby – babies are like trains and can be a little later than expected. This leads to a length of time spent off work and on maternity leave but with no maternity so to speak. This time can weigh a little heavy especially since increased girth makes it hard to enjoy quiet pleasures such a sleeping and many simple activities become monumentally difficult.

I had naively thought that I would use my pre-baby maternity leave to make lots of clothes and fix up the house but in reality I mostly sat about on a beanbag in the garden practising hypnobirthing.

One thing I did manage to finish was our family tree. An idea I had languishing in the pinterest graveyard for ages.


I found a cute tree image and projected it onto the bedroom wall. I drew round the image with a pencil and realised that this was the easiest craft project ever.

Then I switched off the projector and started painting over my pencil image.




And looked rubbish.

I couldn’t get a sharp line. I couldn’t get the paintbrush into the details. It wasn’t the easiest craft project ever, it was hell.

Eventually I borrowed an artist’s paintbrush from my mum, thanks mum, and finished the painting.

Close up it still looked a bit pants but from a suitable distance it looked pretty good. And any way I had a baby on the way. There wasn’t time for stressing about up close details.

I attached a load of hooks to the tree. (I confess I bought these new because I gave up waiting to find affordable used ones). Painted some second-hand frames and filled them with family photos.


Hung them on the hooks and stepped back to admire the finished object.


I hung the last frame on a Tuesday and went into labour on Thursday. Bar baking a slightly odd pear cake it was the last creative thing I did pre babygeddan.

Since the pear cake got left in a tin for a few days with all the excitement of labour and birth and went a bit boozy, or frankly a bit wrong , I’m kinda glad I managed something a little more permanent than a cake. Don’t worry tho, I totes ate that boozy cake.

3 thoughts on “Family Tree

  1. “Hic”! What an awesome family tree! I inherited a stack of used cup hooks so am well able to be smug about recycling them to make something this lovely but as I am not talking to most of my family at the moment I figure I might wait till the New Year and we start muttering in each others general directions without making eye contact before I acknowledge them in “family” form alongside my own moniker. Love the idea though and seriously dig that groovy paisley shirt in that lovely wedding photo. I had 3 babies once back last century. They are all still going strong (albeit I am not talking to a couple of them at the moment šŸ˜‰ ).

    • The original plan was a tree to hang dressing gown towels and clothes that get filed on the floor from but the pictures took over so perhaps you could go that route. But the beauty of the hooks is that all the pictures are mobile depending on your mood. You could even reward family members with prominent positions or less favoured spots (under the bird’s bum for example) depending on how they were behaving on any particular day. The opportunities are endless šŸ˜‰

      • I like the cut of your jib! Under the birds bum would be a great place to shelve angsty relatives indeed ;). I might have to do a whole branch of birds to deal with mine at the moment but the base premise of getting clothes off the floor is a goodn’. Now I just have to get Stevie-boy to actually put the clothes on the hooks in the first place. Maybe lure him… “every time you put an item of clothing on the hooks you get a beer…” er…on second thoughts, I am trying to prevent him from sinking (most joyfully) into fully fledged alcoholism as I type this so maybe I might have to come up with another reward…chocolate? šŸ˜‰

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