Smelly sock dishcloths


This cartoon by the fantastic Em makes perfect sense to me. What’s psycho about wanting to keep your dishcloth seperate from your floor cloth??!!?

The problem is I get a bit twitchy about other people not knowing which cloth I’ve used on the floor round the toilet and going and using it in the kitchen. Euwwww, mank!

My other major problem is my holey socks (no, not holy, hole y!  there is nothing sacred about my old socks trust me)

I am getting through socks at an alarming rate and am a bit lazy about darning them unlike Bea at zero waste home. Lets face it, at the moment I’m barely managing to repair chris’ ripped jeans within 6 months let alone adding socks to the sewing pile.

Instead I’ve bunged a load of socks in a drawer and use them for cleaning up spills.


My rainbow socks for kitchen surfaces (well washed I promise) and Chris’ black socks for floors etc. I was happy with the situation … until my mates pop over and see a holey sock hanging off my kitchen tap.


Not the look I’m after if I’m honest.

Some people use their baby waiting maternity leave to make sensible baby related items.   Not me! I made upcycled sock dishcloths.

But of course I did. What else would I do?

I got all my Fab coloured socks


And cut them into rectangles


Then I folded the rectangles in half and sewed round the open edges leaving a small gap to turn the sock inside out (or the right way round if you think of it like that)
Lastly I sewed up the small gap by hand enjoying some July sunshine in the garden (cor that does seem like years ago!)


To mark my cloths as kitchen ones and stop chris cleaning the bath with them I added a tag to hang it by the sink.

To make tags I cut another sock into small rectangles


Then folded the two long edges into the centre and folded the whole length in half. (Sorry for the lack of photos but I basically folded the raw edges into the centre.) Then I sewed along the length to keep the fold in place.


The tag was added before sewing the rectangle in half by simply slipping it into the seam making sure the loop of the tag is inside the pouch, this means the tag will be on the outside of the pouch when you turn the cloth inside out.


They look ok hanging at my sewing station.


But I’m even happier at how much better my sink looks.


This took a whole day just to convert all my old coloured and stripey socks into kitchen and bath cloths. I still need to sew black socks into neat floor cloths but frankly I decided I was happy to live with floor cloths that look remarkably like ripped up socks. Its possible life is just too short!

Of course last month I caught Chris cleaning the toilet with a kitchen cloth. ?#!#?!!#??? A colourful tagged kitchen cloth on a manky toilet.

I almost cried.

And then I realised that my stressed out new dad of a boyfriend had cleaned the frigging toilet. Properly scrubbed it. What a hero!

(It did take me about 20 harrowing minutes to come to this realisation but please forgive me, I’m a stressed out hormonal newish mum)

Oh and do have a look at em’s website – she is probably the best cartoonist ever and for some reason the London free papers no longer use her hilarious strip. Grrrrr. You can even buy prints of her cartoons and help support an artist to continue making people die from laughing.

2 thoughts on “Smelly sock dishcloths

  1. You have made it to the bigtime! My RSS Feed Reader is snubbing your posts. It only does that with the best posts so it has obviously made some kind of logic decision (something or other to do with numbers and stats methinks) to “Cancel navigation to the website” HA! Now…socks for cleaning? Surely not! You jest Ma’am? Old, and especially “dirty old” socks, are a tradeable commodity in our home. We can get Earl (the dog) to do tricks for Steve’s dirty old holey socks that he would otherwise ignore our erstwhile efforts to coerce him into performing and return to licking his private parts. Throw a dirty sock into the equation and it’s ears up, all attention on the human bearer of such a glorious treat. No such thing as old socks here. They are all buried and decomposing somewhere in Earls mental larder…

    You sewed? I wish I could sew but a terrible experience (that we won’t talk about today as 35 years on it still has the power to make me twitch, lets just say it involved an Elna sewing machine, a home economics class and a twitching teacher who gave up on trying to teach me how to sew straight…”Twitch*”…) has left me seriously terrified of the whole sewing process. If pressed I will hand sew something but the person pressing deserves the results 😉

    • Ha ha. I definitely sew if only because my mother would disown me if I didn’t. I do have memories of sewing at school. I never finished any of my home ec/craft projects because I was doing all the other kids projects for them. Not helping, just doing, not even for favourable. I was a total sap. The teacher used to rant to my mum who was devestated that I was failing in her favourite subject.

      I would love to meet Earl the dog he sounds awesome!

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