It would appear that I’ve not written any more posts since my last one about meaning to write more posts…

I did feel a bit guilty about that, not to mention a million and one other things I haven’t done

but then I read a comment someone left over on Lulastic and the hippyshake and something clicked.

We are raising a child, not an inconvenience.Β 

It sounds obvs but when the washing up needs done, the inlaws are on their way, the cat poos on the duvet aaaaand then your gorgeous son starts scrraming for attention it can be hard to keep perspective.

This is now mine and Chris’s new mantra and it makes almost everything better.

Who cares if your plumber can’t get to the boiler for the pile of washing up blocking his path.

Who cares that your family think you’re rude for not coming out to play when your baby is grizzly

Who cares that you are still stripping wallpaper three weeks after you started

The blackboard has spoken.

It’s quite fun once you get used to it really.

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  1. You go girl! Raising a child is all about ignoring the background chatter and following that inner voice which tells you how YOU want to be as a parent. It is quite hard.. but you seem to be rocking it:)

    • Ha ha ha. He’s definitely a quality child but I can’t take that much credit. I’m sure there are plenty of other ways I’m managing to F**k him up. As larkin said its what all will parents do. The best we can hope is not to mean to. If that makes any sense.

      • And to make sure that when they remember our f**k ups, that it is when they have reached adulthood and with fondness πŸ˜‰

      • Nah, just bumble your way through it with the best intentions and by the time your kids grow up, they will only remember the funny stuff. My 2 girls (now 25 and 27) remember a time (just after I left their father) that we had to cook hotdog frankfurts in an electric kettle because we a/ had nothing else to cook them in and b/ were out of gas even if we did have a saucepan. They laugh. Memories tend to be much less austere and a whole lot funnier in hindsight πŸ˜‰

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