Freaky finds

My parents have just insulated their loft and, amidst the dust and dirt, have found a forgotten treasure trove above their heads.

Well not quite, but there’s been some small excitement. From a beautiful travelling trunk that would make a fab toy box for Buba-to-be (only after a serious power clean when I can face such trauma!)


To some sheets my mum made for my own cot 32 years ago and which fit our Moses basket perfectly.

The Moses basket plus stand was found on the street actually on the cycle home from our 12 week scan! I had spent the previous 24 hours struggling to explain, at length, exactly what a Moses basket was to a purplexed and slighty dubius Chris. Consequently I was heartily sick of talking about them and was just a little peeved when I heard him asking “you know Moses baskets?”

“Yes Chris, yes I think we’ve established that I know exactly what they are – although I’m starting to wish I’d never heard of them” I didn’t reply

“Do they look a bit like that?” He questioned.

All ready to sigh patiently and explain, again, what a moses basket might be and why it was nothing like whatever had caught his eye I almost fell off my bike to see him pointing at a near perfect basket sitting happily abandoned on a bin.

Moral of the story, always take the time to describe random items of baby equipment to doubtful partners. It pays dividends in the end.


Cat in a basket

A lot of the boxes in the attic date back to previous owners and my parents have found a few choice items which defenitely won’t be making it into Bub’s new/old toy box. This includes a basket of toys so disturbing I couldn’t bring myself to photograph them so you will have to imagine a one eyed motheaten sooty, a frankly terrifying miniature Punch puppet glove and this delightful blast from the past.


Definitely not one to pull out at a multicultural east London nursery.

A rather more welcome find is a selection of favourite books I remember from my childhood and can imagine reading with my kids.  Especially when it turns out Chris had some of the same books too. And I always thought Wacky Wednesday was just a Wacky thing from my childhood.

Now all we need to do is find a child-sized bookshelf on the cycle home from our next midwife appointment.