Pinterest graveyard

Ahhh Pinterest.  The online equivalent of eating peanut butter straight out of the jar with a tea spoon.  You feel great when you’re doing it but feel totally sickened with yourself immediately afterwards.

Nope I totally never do that.  like never.  I certainly didn’t just come home and eat half a jar while watching my long-suffering husboybandfriend cook me a delicious and nutritious meal that I probably now won’t be hungry for.

But back to pinterest.

You spend years of your life pinning other people’s beautiful things onto pretty boards telling yourself you are totally going to make that or sew this or cook that. Then you realise that your humdrum offline life looks pretty drab next to your tasteful downright lovely pinterest life.

If it ended there then I wouldn’t be so grumpy but it doesn’t. Suddenly you get inspired, and over ambitious. Instead of sitting in your underpants in drab real life pinning contentedly you decide you could actually become your online life. You start collecting bits and bobs in the hope that you might actually make something you pinned from them.  If you’re really foolish you may even start actually trying to make something.

What are you thinking??!
Don’t you know you aren’t pinteresting?
Don’t you realise your pinterest ambitions are far beyond your skills?
You fool!
That stuff is going to collect about you like a pinterest graveyard. And no one pins pictures of their pinterest graveyards. Its just not pretty.

So ages ago. Probably about a year ago I pinned this photo.


A couple of drawers nailed to a wall. Even I could manage that. What could go wrong? A few weeks later I actually found some manky drawers just sitting in a skip. Amazing! Much to Chris’ dismay I grabbed them and took them home. Where they joined another set of drawers I found covered in cobwebs in the basement of a rented flat. I was super excited. Those sad abandoned manky drawers were going to be my sewing nook!

And then, there they sat for at least 6 months. My own little pinterest graveyard.

Suddenly, a few months ago, the same weekend when I decided to get to grips with the street cupboard, I got off my butt and painted them. That was the weekend where I realised I hated painting. Coat after coat after hideous coat of paint seemed to still yield patchy results.

The painting never ends!

The painting never ends!

So I gave up and stuck em to the wall.


Drawers plus shoes



I like them wonky OK!

I still have one more drawer to put up and I had planned to frame postcards and hang them round the drawers but I went and lost my sewing nook mojo so nothing more has happened.Its like my own mini pinterest graveyard displayed half finished on my wall.


And I’m not even doing much sewing! Disaster.

Except… my mum visited a few weeks ago and out of the blue told me. “I love your sewing station. Where did you get those fabulous shelves?” I mumbled on about pinterest dreams and unfinished frames but she was having none of it. Apparently its perfect and last I heard she’s nagging my dad to find some abandoned drawers.
Hmmm. So although there’s still work to do to make it perfect, perhaps it’s not as bad as I thought.


not so bad part way sewing nook

Maybe its time to start pinning all those pinterest graveyards. If only to make other pinteresting dreamers feel less bad about their half finished pinteresting skeletons.


2 thoughts on “Pinterest graveyard

  1. Totally adorable! I love your confessions of a craft tragic, because I am the same. So many ideas, no follow through at all! I am about to assemble a potential pinterest graveyard of objects to create marvellous Christmas presents… possibly…

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